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Air Conditioning Service

There is nothing nicer than a cool, comfortable ride on a hot day. With a little regular maintenance, you can keep your vehicle’s air conditioning running at maximum efficiency, while avoiding expensive repairs.

Keep cool this Summer and Schedule your Vehicle A/C Check Up with Kost today!

We bet you run your air conditioner almost every day in the summer. But what about the winter months? Did you know that you should run your air conditioner for a few minutes each month?

Wait… Winter?

Even in cold weather, if you simply use your air conditioner to defog your windows, it will help keep essential parts lubricated and operating smoothly.

Your air conditioning system is responsible for heating, cooling, defrosting, air filtering and humidity control. What a great convenience! Let us help you keep it properly maintained.

How Big E can help:

Should your cooling system need a bit more help, we’ve got you covered. With a Big E Air Conditioning Service, our certified technicians can gauge check the system, recharge the system, check the belts and recycle the used Freon. Keep your cool with Big E!

The air cooling system in the car cabin is primarily used to remove heat from the cabin, using the compressor and clutch plate device to working start.