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Cooling System Service

What is the leading cause of mechanical breakdowns on America’s highways? If you guessed cooling system failure, then you were right. The result of which can lead to a rather hefty repair bill.

Over time coolant degrades, causing rust and scale deposits to build up in the cooling system.

Your vehicle’s coolant is the principal way that your engine disposes of potentially damaging heat. When that heat is not removed properly it can lead to decreased performance and, in time, mechanical breakdown.

When your vehicle’s cooling system is not working efficiently, it can lead to performance problems along with transmission and engine failures.

Why not just “drain and fill?”

Unlike engine oil, a simple “drain and fill” kind of service leaves about 50% of the used coolant in the system. The rest is trapped within the engine, heater core, hoses and lines that make up your vehicle’s cooling system. Then the addition of fresh coolant can actually cause rust and scale deposits to loosen and clog the artery – like course the coolant must run. So now what would you have? Overheating!! I thought that was what we were trying to avoid.

A complete cooling system flush is recommended every 2 years or 30,000 miles.

Let’s take a look at how Big E can help:

  1. Big E’s Cooling System Flush Service removes up to 95% of the used coolant and foreign matter
  2. Before we even begin the coolant exchange, Kost technicians add a chemical cleaner to safely rid the system of rust, sediment and scale deposits
  3. After the coolant exchange, a treatment product that prevents foaming and lubricates the water pump, while it stops most radiator and heater core leaks is added to the fresh coolant
  4. Big E uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a quick, yet complete cooling system flush service.
  5. After the Big E Cooling System Flush Service, your vehicle’s cooling system will be ready for the challenges of the road.

So, maintain your vehicles performance and longevity. We’ll be here to help.

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